Sunday, October 21, 2012

House restoration and ready for winter

Hey Gang!

Quickie update here - I'm in Lumberton working on the house.  My mom is in town for the month and she has fired up the house work.  In the last two weeks, we have:

Cleaned out the barn and backyard
stripped out the linoleum from the hallway, bathroom, and kitchen - The Kitchen had three layers of the stuff.
took out the hotwater heater from the kitchen
took out the heater from the hallway
removed all the window hardware
cleaned the windows - I wish I had done this on day one.
got the fireplace working - we didn't do anything to it, just started a fire.  It didn't draw well for a bit, but now it's working fine

I want to give kudos to the trash pickup in Lumberton.  EVERYTHING that's put on the curb is picked up.  First a group of scavengers descend and pick through everything looking for stuff to sell.  Metal is gone within 24 hours.  Perhaps we should sell this stuff ourselves.

The fires are great.  It's so nice to wake up to a fire or watch the sunset to a fire.  I really want to create a firepit outside. 

In other news:
I've got an idea to cruise out West for an extended trip - to visit my brother and family in Lake County, CA.  I went out to CO with Joey Boats and it really opened my eyes to the West again.  It's been 12 years since I left Alaska and it's time to get back West.