Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Post a link

How to put a link in your blog:

1) copy the URL of the page you want to link to

2) create a new post - make sure you are in Edit HTML mode

3) type what you want the link to say - This is it!

4) highlight that text and click on the link icon.

5) paste the URL in the popup window

6) click okay and you will return to the post. You will see some HTML. That is your link!

7) make sure that you type after the last /a>

8) you can go back to Compose mode now.

9) publish post to see what you got

I am not having a good day

The rain and the lightning are impressive. Thick black low bedroll clouds and flashes of lightning that seem to rip through one and spill it's cold liquid contents on the ground, on the fields, on the trash, and on me ... riding my scooter, dodging a car, avoiding a pothole... and thinking... all the time thinking.


Thursday, March 24, 2005

star journal

star journal

My brother's blog!

Hear That?

If you are listening to http://www.knba.org , then you do.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

test... 1...2...4..uh...wait

The New blogging thing is great. You can write about whatever comes to mind and your friends can write comments back to you on the blog. Professional blogs are a great resource on products and issues.

But, How do you read them all. You can put your favorite blogs in ... well, your favorites folder Internet Explorer / WinXP. And click on each of them each day or whenever you like. Or you can do what I USED to do. I would put all my blogs in a bookmark folder in FireFox and then use the "open all in tabs" command. This is called Tabbed Browsing and it's great. But there is something better for reading Blogs and all RSS feeds.

Enter the aggregator. It is a blog reader. It will allow you look at a bunch of blog postings on one page and see if there are any new posts. Popular aggregators are MyYahoo.com and Bloglines. This is a little how to on MyYahoo.

How to add a blog in MyYahoo:

Step 1:

Click on Add Content

Step 2:

Don't enter the address in the wrong place. I did it here. This is the "Find
Content" box. You want the "Add RSS by URL" box. Click on "Add RSS by URL"

Step 3:

Paste the web address of the blog you want in My Yahoo here. and click add.
A confirmation dialog will appear and if you can subscribe. Click yes and the
blog posts will appear in MyYahoo.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

ANWR Alaska


ANWR! Senate passes. People don't want this, but the big money in the Senate sure does. Look for what Sentor Ted Stevens said about it. Nothing about the thing, only the politics of the thing. Let's really talk about "national energy security" - I think opening ANWR will end up low on the list. Let's save BEFORE we spend.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Stuff I want to learn and teach to others

Here's what I think everyone should know more about:

online banking - pay pal
IM instant messaging - msn, yahoo, miranda
video chat - ifriends, msn,
skype - VoIP
photo sharing - flickr, picasa, hello
podcasting - doppler, audacity
shared bookmarks - furl.net, del.icio.us
message boards: how to post, how to search, sigs, avatars, etc
online calendars - rsscalendar.com
blogs - blogger, wordPress, radio,
blog readers - aggerators, my yahoo, bloglines, feed burner
wiki - wikipedia

And the things we use everyday too:
browsing - firefox extensions, methods for expert surfing
searching - how do you search?
listening to music - winAmp, and iTunes
email - what's the deal with Gmail

there are the tools of modern communication and the web. Do you have a link or insights to share? Have I left something out? please comment and let me know.

Ken Ting New Year Party!

Originally uploaded by newmania.
Taiwan rules!... when it's not raining, windy, cold, and damp inside without heat and your students are climbing all over the floor and calling you Miss Newman!!!


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Traveler's Guide to Valdez, Alaska

It's the most amazing site about Alaska I've ever been to.... it keeps me up at night and I think about it all the time. Holy cow! It's got the coolest retro look and it's so.... 1998! Really you gotta check it out.



and it's my site. I'm alittle biased.