Saturday, January 26, 2013

Around The World (R�mi Gaillard) - YouTube

Around The World (R�mi Gaillard) - YouTube

I woke up this morning and everything was funny.  It was cold here in North Carolina and I'm not in the best mood lately.  But, suddenly, like a turning tide, everything was comical.

Maybe it will last.

by way of update:  I'm working on learning Python at CodeCademy and Udacity.  I'm building on my house in Lumberton.  Tricking out my new Van.  Planning my trip to Key West and further to California.  I'm still connected to my Gang in Wilmington via  Looking forward to build cool stuff on the web and teaching (young) people to be web builders.

And, yes, this song makes me feel homesick for the rest of the planet.  I love how it ends in Taiwan!